Empower and create a positive culture for girls


teach 4th to 8th graders our prepackaged, plug-and-play curriculum with minimal prep!

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Today’s essential skills for mental health, equality, safety, healthy relationships, and academic success in a fun, active learning experience!

Sessions are 30 minutes long, including:

  • 8-minute engaging, topical video that includes activity instructions

  • 15-minute activity (video keeps time for you)

  • 5-minute reflection to discuss what was learned, questions

Instructor guidebooks include written activity instructions (also given in videos). You may choose bundles from 30 sessions to fit your schedule!

Check out our curriculum here!

Program kit includes:

Instructor guidebook and online tutorials, activity and game supply totes with handouts organized by session, student folders with reflection journals, activity wall sheets, team bins with markers, pens, and stickers, and PowerUp Card Toolbox full of illustrated cards summarizing what girls learned!

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Curriculum bundles

Check out our curriculum here!

core self-esteem, social emotional, and protection bundle, 19 sessions

Orientation plus self-esteem, body image, and emotional learning sessions 1-12, relationship sessions 14-17, social media session 19, and sexual violence prevention session 23. Includes all supplies for 30 students.

  • $900

  • Want to print your own handouts? Reduce your cost by $50

  • Don’t need team bins with mascot illustrated sides, pens, markers, and stickers? Reduce your cost by $50

  • Have more than 30 girls? Additional supplies for each group of 10 students: $150

Bullying Protection Expansion Pack

Sessions 20-22

  • $100, includes supplies

Defend against Sexism and Sexual Harassment Expansion pack

Sessions 24-25

  • $100, includes supplies

Conflict and Problem Solving Expansion pack

Sessions 13, 18

  • $50, includes supplies

Keys to Academic Success Expansion pack (includes our innovative approach to healthy eating)

Sessions 26-28

  • $100, includes supplies

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