Diverse group of 5th grade girls having fun in school

PowerUp Girls for Life

Prepares tweens to achieve mental health, equality, safety, good relationships and academic success with a fun, active learning experience!

  • Educational series for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

  • Teaches practical tools for self-esteem, positive body image, wise social media use, bullying defense, stress management, healthy relationships, and much more!

  • Fun activities enhance learning

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PowerUp Girls for Life Curriculum

Provides practical information on a 5th and 6th grade level with tools to defeat today's common threats to well-being and success such as:

  • stress, anger, anxiety, depression, self-harm

  • low self-esteem, negative body image

  • bullying, cyberbullying

  • social media

  • substances including vaping

  • sexting

  • relationship conflicts, friendship problems, drama

  • dangerous situations

  • and sexual pressure and harassment

while giving girls foundations for equality and academic achievement in a welcoming, fun, active learning experience!


Active learning 30-minute sessions:

  • 5-minute engaging screen presentation on a topic

  • 15-to 20-minute fun learning activity

  • discussion of what was learned

The program is run as a series of single or combined sessions that fits a host partner’s desired time frame.

PowerUp Self-Esteem and Body Image Sessions

Welcome, orientation

Inside-out Mixer

Session 1: Self-Esteem and How to Build It

Activity 1: Positive affirmations sheet completion and sharing

Session 2: Why Self-Esteem Isn’t Entitlement

Activity 2: Is this self-esteem or entitlement game

Session 3: Things That Break Down Self-Esteem

Activity 3: Self-esteem builders and breakers relay race

Session 4: How To Form Positive Body Images During Puberty

Activity 4: Help! Give your leader advice to improve her unhealthy body image she describes

Session 5: Have Healthy Views of Being Female and Reject Being Sexualized (Valued Based on Looks and Sexiness)

Activity 5: Reject sexualized female images: picture sorting exercise and brainstorm

Program includes:

Snacks and drinks

PowerUp T-shirts

Activities, games

PowerUp Card Toolbox of skills learned

Take-home materials for continued learning and parent tips

When hosted by the program creators, female college and graduate student guides help participants feel welcome and included while leading small groups

Designed to help girls feel

 P repared
 O ptimistic
 W orthy
 E mpathic &
 R esilient
 U nder
 P ressures

they'll face during puberty and life

PowerUp for Middle School Logo

Session 6: What Sexism Is and How It Harms Us

Session Bundle Wrap-up: How self-esteem and positive body images help us, questions and answers, home activities

PowerUp Coping with Emotions and Stress, & Solving Problems Sessions

Train wreck Mixer Game

Session 1: Brain Development Basics

Activity 1: Telephone game: brain development facts

Session 2: Feelings, Actions, and Thoughts Are Linked: Check Your Thoughts!

Activity 2-A: Emotion charades

Activity 2-B: Guess what she’s thinking game

Session 3: Depression, Anxiety, and Why Self-Harm Happens

Activity 3: Anxiety busting exercises

Session 4: PowerUp Your Coping Skills for Stress

Activity 4: The “Let it Go” game

Session 5: How Media and Substances Affect Coping

Activity 5: Name the media or substance racing game

Session 6: When to Get Help for Yourself or Others

Session 7: Decision Making and Problem Solving

Activity 7: Do the 5-step method for making decisions and practice solving problems like peer pressure

PowerUp Healthy Relationships, Conflict Solving, and Social Media Management Sessions

Session 1: Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Friendships

Activity 1: Train wreck Mixer game

Session 2: Basics of Being a Good Friend

Activity 2: Good and bad listening game

Session 3: Friendship Making Skills

Activity 3: Chit-chat exercise

Session 4: Dating Myths and Reasons To Delay

Activity 4: Reasons to delay dating and sex relay race

Session 5: Conflict Resolving Skills

Activity 5: PowerUp your conflict resolving skills exercise

Session 6: Social Media and Drama Management

Activity 6: Group brainstorm: healthy ways to think about and react to given social media situations

Session 7: What Bullying Is and Isn’t

Activity 7: Is this bullying or not game

PowerUp Bully Defense, Equality, Safety, and School Success Sessions

Train wreck mixer game

Session 1: Stopping Bullies When They Mess with You

Activity 1: PowerUp your bully deflection actions

Session 2: Bystander Actions

Activity 2: PowerUp your bully bystander actions

Session 3: Boundaries of Safe Touch

Activity 3: Safe touch relay race

Session 4: PowerUp Protection against Sexting

(No activity but includes group quiz at end of presentation)

Session 5: PowerUp Sexual Harassment and Sexism Defense

Activity 5-A: Large group racing game: is this sexism, sexual harassment, or neither?

Activity 5-B: Practice your 5-finger stop sign defense against sexism and sexual harassment

Session 6: How Brains Learn and How to PowerUp Learning

Activity 6: PowerUp your brain for learning exercise

Session 7: Making Healthy Food Choices for Learning

Activity 7: PowerUp a plan for healthy brain food

Session 8: Keys to Academic Success

Activity 8: Make a plan for success in middle school classes

PowerUp Girls for Life Program Wrap-Up: parents are invited for wrap-up video and presentation of PowerUp Toolboxes to all girls to recognize their participation and learning accomplishment

Please note: simple, limited descriptions of sexual topics are used in this curriculum. For example, sexual activity is defined as sharing of or touching someone else’s private areas with permission, and sexual assault is defined as touching someone’s private areas without permission (consent). Delaying dating and sexual activity are encouraged, and ways to avoid and resist risky situations are covered. Types of sexual activity and birth control are not covered in this curriculum.