Teaches preteen girls today's essential skills for mental health, equality, safety and success

our powerup GIRLS for LIFE program:

Empowers girls.

Teaches today’s essential skills for mental health, equality, safety, good relationships and school success with a fun, active learning experience! 


About the program

Designed by the Youth Empowerment Group for 4th through 8th grade girls, fun learning activities follow short presentations on today’s crucial topics.

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Girls learn with interesting group activities!

Girls learn with interesting group activities!

Girls practice empowering tools for:

Having a great time during games like Telephone!

Having a great time during games like Telephone!

  • self-esteem

  • positive body image

  • bullying defense

  • safe social media use

  • emotion expression and coping

  • stress and pressure busting

  • sexism and sexual harassment protection

  • healthy relationships

  • problem and conflict solving

  • staying safe

  • academic success

  • and more!


We survey participants and parents to assess and evolve our program for maximum benefit. Here are results!

Girls' participant survey results:

  • 97% indicated they had fun at the program

  • 96% thought what they learned would make a positive impact on their lives

  • 94% found the sessions to be helpful

  • 89% said they would recommend the program to friends

Girl participant quotes:

  • "It prepared me for middle school and how to deal with bullies and to know what good friends are and I can add friends and to know how I'm being a good friend."

  • "They didn’t make stuff awkward to talk about."

  • "This group is awesome!"

  • On the last day, "I wish it wasn't ending."

  • “It was a serious topic turned fun.”

  • “It was awesome and I never want it to end”


  • Would recommend the program to other parents

  • Said their girls enjoyed the program

  • Thought the program taught their girls useful life-skills

Parent quotes:

  • "I especially like the social media section and bullying, my husband and I work in law enforcement and for the Court and don't feel students really understand how much of an impact social media can have both today as well as in the long-term."

  • "I loved that my daughter came home and wanted to continue the hard discussions that were had in this program. Many conversations are uncomfortable and hard to have, but your program started these conversations and made my daughter feel comfortable enough to have them with me."

  • "The information given was so good & helpful! My daughter felt very welcomed and loved it and looked forward to the next one!!! But best was definitely the material covered!!"

  • “It was a great experience.”

  • “My daughter really enjoyed the whole program.”

  • “Absolutely recommend. Send your child!”

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empowering QUOTES for girls

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.”

Taylor Swift

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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